29th April - 2nd May: Nai Yang Beach, Phuket

Accommodation:  Seapines Villa Liberg  -  £30 per night, double room

Nai Yang Beach, Phuket

A lot of what I’d read about the main resorts in Phuket didn’t particularly attract me so I opted for Nai Yang Beach as it seemed to be beautiful & quiet while having enough to occupy me for four days, and so it proved. There was a tinge of sadness to be leaving Palm View and there were lots of hugs all round as they dropped me off after breakfast for the 3½hr transfer I’d arranged through Kang (450 baht, £9) En-route we picked up travellers from India, Germany, France & Spain who, luckily, all spoke English so the usual travel & cultural experiences were shared. To avoid a long walk from the drop-off point, I again bunged the driver 150 baht to drop me at the door of my accommodation, a small price to pay.

I was soon checked into my delightful room by owner Pottana who, along with her staff, worked continuously to keep the place absolutely spotless. A quick once-over revealed a lovely pool which I’d happily cool off in each evening. Travelling can be thirsty work so I was soon making my way down the dirt track to the beach to take in some rays and find a nice spot for a few beers, Phen’s Restaurant Bar, which was located right on the beach at the end of the track, ticked all my boxes. As it transpired the food at Phen’s was also tremendous and I ended up eating there every night. I’ve since learnt that they’ve relocated further along the beach but, thankfully, you still get to enjoy the most sublime sunsets imagineable.

My days & nights here involved no more than a bit of sunbathing & swimming interspersed with food, drink and the occasional conversation with fellow travellers, wonderful! Although the airport is only 2km away there was barely any aircraft noise as the flight path is in the opposite direction. On checking out, Pottana even suggested I keep the room an extra hour until I actually needed to leave, this meant I could fit in one last swim before taking the taxi to the airport from the, conveniently located, company next door.